It's Just A Phase So Don't Miss It Book

It’s Just A Phase So Don’t Miss It

Reggie Joiner & Kristen Ivy

Every church knows that kids matter. Does your church act like every kid matters at every phase? A phase is a timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. It’s Just A Phase is a challenge for churches to treat every kid who breathes like they are made in the image of God.

Phase Cards

These were released at Orange Conference 2015 so you could bring an important part of the Phase message home with you. Consider this a 10,000 foot view of each Phase. There are 12 cards available (1 for each phase). Sold in packs of 25.

Phase Summaries - Preview

Phase Summaries

Phase summaries give a cliffsnotes version of what’s changing at every phase from Zero to One through Graduation. Each summary includes a brief description of the phase, growth & developmental insights, simple techniques for influencing a kid’s mind and heart, and a roadmap for discipleship. Share these six-panel phase summaries with parents on promotion Sunday, as part of a birthday gift, or use them as conversation starters.

Family Birthday Celebration Bundle: A Baptism Event for Children and Students

Every life has big moments to celebrate. Baby dedication. First day of school. Getting a driver’s license. Graduation. These are life-stage milestones—the events that mark and celebrate a significant moment or change in a person’s story.

We suggest you add another milestone to the list… the day a child or teenager makes the decision to trust Jesus as their Savior.  The Salvation milestones is a day when you should throw a gigantic party for families to celebrate their child’s spiritual birth. We call it Family Birthday Celebration. This kit gives you everything you need for before, during, and after the big celebration. This includes planning materials, how to record a baptism video, live components and resources for your church staff, small group leaders, and parents to continue the conversation after the big day. We say, “ Why not keep the party going?!”

BabyD: A Baby Dedication Celebration

The new & improved BabyD is an event that sets up a partnership between your church and families — a partnership that will ease anxieties, encourage, resource, and ultimately lead to a child developing a faith of their very own. Included in this download: Tools for communicating with parents, Two videos for parents to watch before the big event, Parent Orientation materials including FAQ sheets and email templates, Baby Dedication Celebration event production order, hosting and teaching scripts, decor ideas, and more.

Start Here: Beginning A Conversation About Following Jesus

Parents want to be present during significant times in their child’s life. First steps. First day of school. First ball game. Those firsts are pretty easy.  But what about when kids have their first questions about faith? How can the church equip parents to have significant faith conversations at home? What if parents just need a place to start? “Start Here” is a presentation designed to give parents what they need to participate in the most important event in their child’s life. With this simple Gospel presentation and a conversation starter for parents, “Start Here” provides everything to help equip parents to lead their children to Christ. Materials included: Directors guide, Promotional material, Start Here logo, Live host scripts, Video of gospel presentation, Editable word script for live gospel presentation, Parent Cue guide and activity, and Live production components.

Phase Video Shorts

Time is always moving. We can’t slow it down. We can’t stop it. We can’t reverse it. But if we aren’t careful, we can miss it. When it comes to the lives of the children and teenagers growing up around us, they are changing faster than we realize. The phase they are in now, won’t be around forever. And with every phase comes distinctive opportunities we can leverage to influence their future as long as we don’t miss it. Sometimes we need a reminder to pause and lean into their world.

Filmed in high definition, these roughly two-minute video shorts tug at the heart to remind adults of the significance of every phase. This download includes High Definition shorts of each phase: Baby Phase, Kid Phase, Tween Phase, and Teen Phase

Phase Graphics Kit

How will you keep parents and leaders on the same page so they can have maximum impact in the life of every kid at every phase? The Phase Graphics Kit has the visuals you’ve been looking for to promote the Phase message for your parents and leaders. Contents Include: 12 Individual Phase Icons, Individual Timeline Graphics, The Master Phase Overview timeline, 1 Just a Phase Poster, 1 Basic, Truths Cycle Poster, Age-Group Profile Posters, Editable Family Ministry Map, And more…