15 Powerful Quotes from Orange Conference 2016

Over 7,000 youth ministry leaders and volunteers gathered together at Orange Conference last week to hear from inspiring speakers, share stories about ministry programs, and feel renewed in their calling to serve on their church’s youth ministry team. The 3-day conference featured 7 main stage sessionswith speakers such as: Reggie Joiner, Andy Stanley, Cheryl Bachelder, and Perry Noble—and had over 200 breakout sessions.

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The common thread through all the hours of powerful content? Monday is coming. Sunday can’t be the end of the road for us. We should do everything we can on Sunday to set kids, students, and families to win Monday and every day, not just in our programs or ministries on Sundays.

While it was nearly impossible to choose only 15 quotes (we easily could have given you pages and pages!)—here are 15 quotes from the main stage sessions that are powerful, inspiring, and encouraging.

“It’s important for you to get involved with kids and teenagers because you may be their only connection to Jesus.—Reggie Joiner 

“It’s not a question of: Will Sunday impact Monday? It already does. The question is: Will we be part of that conversation?“—Jon Acuff

When it comes to my personal connection to the local church, it’s simple: the Church saved my life.”—Andy Stanley 

Outside of your family, the greatest investment you will ever make is in your local Church”—Andy Stanley 

It’s not: How to we get them to come to us on Sunday? It’s: How do we go to them on Monday?“—Jon Acuff 

Attendance numbers give us something to validate themselves and something to tweet [. . .] but what if we changed the yardstick from how many are sitting to how many are serving?”—Doug Fields

At some point in your life, at some point in your ministry, you have to recognize that there are worse things than failure”—Pete Wilson

At the end of your life, you know what will sting more than failure? Regret.“—Pete Wilson 

How you’re loved will always impact how you live, but how we live will never change how we’re loved.“—Kara Powell

The biggest mistake you can make in managing criticism is believing that one person’s opinion is everybody’s opinion.”—Ryan Leak

“When we get dehydrated spiritually, we will start using people instead of leading them.”—Perry Noble

“Do you want more of God or more of what God might give you?”—Pete Wilson

“On Sunday, grace is expected. On Monday, grace is a surprise.”—Jon Acuff

“Following Jesus will make your life better and will make you better at life.”—Andy Stanley

“The churches that are growing are the churches that are acting like kids and families matter.”—Reggie Joiner

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