3 Questions Every Elementary Schooler Is Asking Themselves

In the elementary years, a child develops skills and competencies that equip their future. The way a child resolves the “Do I have” questions of these phases provides them with critical knowledge and resources.

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It shapes their perception of personal ability, comparative value, and resilience. Through these phases, kids shift from wanting to be seen by adults to wanting to be seen by adults and peers. The best way to resolve a kid’s relational questions is to engage their interests. However, it’s difficult to engage, when you don’t know what questions they’re asking.

Here are three questions that all elementary-aged children are asking:

1. Do I Have Your Attention?

In Kindergarten and first grade, a child craves adult attention and approval. When adults demonstrate interest in a kid’s progress, kids Improve Abilities. Continue reading “3 Questions Every Elementary Schooler Is Asking Themselves”

Voices of the Phase Project :: Caz McCasslin

Fourth graders appear ready to take on the world. They seem virtually unstoppable. However, as parents and church leaders, it can feel as though it is far too soon for them to step out with such confidence. That’s one of the many reasons we wanted you to hear from Caz McCaslin. As the founder of Upward Unlimited and Upward Sports, Caz helps us better understand our fourth graders. His latest book Every Child is a Winner provides invaluable insight into how we can help our kids build true confidence.

Take a moment to set your fourth grader on a great path by watching our interview with Caz. It will help you avoid the most common misconceptions about fourth graders while guiding you to the best way to make a connection that will last a lifetime.

The One Thing Every Kid Needs the Most

All kids need the same thing.

Kids who are black, white, Asian, Hispanic. Kids who are fostered or adopted. Only children, middle children, and youngest children. High risk, special needs, gifted, introverts, extroverts, strong-willed, or mild-tempered . . .

All kids need the same thing.

Actually, it may seem like kids need a lot of things. In fact, if you listen to the voices in our culture advocating for kids, you can very quickly become overwhelmed by all the things kids need.

They need a healthy diet.
They need exercise.
They need play time.
They need study time.
They need down time. Continue reading “The One Thing Every Kid Needs the Most”

Voices of the Phase Project :: Jim Wideman

Jim Wideman has personally invested in training over a hundred thousand children’s and student ministry leaders, and we’re pretty sure he remembers most of their names, and phone numbers, and the ages of their children. After 37 years of full time ministry experience, Jim shares with the Phase Project stories, best practices, and insights all through a very distinct, Jim Wideman, filter.