Voices of the Phase Project :: Stuart Hall

Every good comedian has to know his audience if he wants to make them laugh.
Every good teacher has to know her audience if she wants to make them think.
Every good reality reality TV script writer (don’t think about that job title too long) has to know their audience if they want to make them come back for more.  

As one of the premiere communicator’s to students for the past fifteen years, Stuart Hall has learned enough about students to master the art of making them laugh, making them think, and making them come back for more. That’s why it was such a privilege to spend time talking with Stuart about the students he knows and what makes the High School phases unique. 

God Is like a Balloon

Maybe God is like a balloon.

There are two ways to think about thinking.
Maybe that sounds too philosophical to be practical,
but it may be the most critical idea when it comes to how a kid relates to God.

It’s also just one more thing that separates humans from the rest of creation.
Animals don’t have the same created ability to…
Tell a personal narrative
Carry on an inner-monologue

What’s fascinating is that there are two basic views people hold about intelligence. Some people view intelligence as fixed. They see the mind like a glass jar. Maybe they have a pint jar, or a quart jar, or they have a whole gallon. Whatever the size, it’s fixed. It can only hold what it is capable of holding and no more.

Other people view intelligence as dynamic. They see the mind like a balloon. No matter what size balloon they currently have, it can always expand as they discover more. Continue reading “God Is like a Balloon”

The Phase Reading List

One of the questions I’m asked most often whenever I get to speak about the Phase Project is this:

What books are you reading?

Well, the real answer is: I’m the mother of two (going on three), with a full-time job. Sometimes I think I’m reading a lot less than people expect. Often I get my inspiration through TED talks, podcasts, magazine articles, and links from twitter. But when it comes to books, there are some incredibly smart and helpful resources that have influenced both my personal thinking and our team’s through the years.

I recently took time to write down the titles of over 120 books that are currently on our “Just a Phase” bookshelf. Those of you who love to read can view the full list (warning: some are literally textbooks, so grab some coffee and a dictionary before you begin). My personal favorites from the list are these:

Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children – Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman

Playful Parenting – Lawrence J. Cohen

Hurt 2.: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers – Chap Clark

What’s Going on in There?: How The Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years – Lise Elliot Continue reading “The Phase Reading List”