Voices of the Phase Project :: Sue Miller

Sue Miller can most accurately be described as a cornerstone, not just for us at Orange, but for preschool ministry as a whole. For 17 years she led a 3000-strong children’s ministry at Willow Creek Community Church and since 2005 she’s developed groundbreaking ministry books, resources & events for preschool leaders, volunteers, & parents. She’s an expert on families and an integral part of our family at Orange.

Voices of the Phase Project :: Sherry Surratt

As the visionary CEO and President of MOPS International, Sherry Surratt is one of the most influential champions for kids in the preschool phase. Every week mops reaches mothers who are the primary influence in their child’s life. Sherry’s wisdom about parenting and about preschoolers comes not only from an academic background in child development, but also her time as a teacher and administrator in the public school system, years of ministry experience, raising two children of her own, and now enjoying two grandchildren. If you influence preschoolers, Sherry is someone we think you should know.

God Is like a Balloon

Maybe God is like a balloon.

There are two ways to think about thinking.
Maybe that sounds too philosophical to be practical,
but it may be the most critical idea when it comes to how a kid relates to God.

It’s also just one more thing that separates humans from the rest of creation.
Animals don’t have the same created ability to…
Tell a personal narrative
Carry on an inner-monologue

What’s fascinating is that there are two basic views people hold about intelligence. Some people view intelligence as fixed. They see the mind like a glass jar. Maybe they have a pint jar, or a quart jar, or they have a whole gallon. Whatever the size, it’s fixed. It can only hold what it is capable of holding and no more.

Other people view intelligence as dynamic. They see the mind like a balloon. No matter what size balloon they currently have, it can always expand as they discover more. Continue reading “God Is like a Balloon”