Helping Kids at Every Phase
Navigate Four Critical Issues

As parents, we often don’t anticipate what we don’t anticipate.

Anticipating is looking ahead at what will probably happen and getting ready for it.

We fail to anticipate because…
Life is busy.
Life is loud.

A strategy is a plan of action with an end in mind.

Parents need to know where they are and where they’re going, so they know what to do today and how to anticipate what’s next.

Before you can navigate, you have to have a clear destination.

Without a clear destination…
we tend to only focus on right now.
we tend to do whatever makes them happy.
we tend to fear what you can’t control.

When you imagine the end, you will stay focused, prioritize your efforts, and maintain perspective.

AUTHENTIC FAITH: Trusting Jesus in a way that transforms how I love God, myself, and the rest of the world.
SEXUAL INTEGRITY: Guarding my potential for intimacy through appropriate boundaries and mutual respect.
TECHNOLOGICAL RESPONSIBILITY: Leveraging online experiences to enhance my offline community and success.
HEALTHY HABITS: Learning to strengthen my body through exercise, nutrition, and self-advocacy.

A phase is a timeframe in a kid’s life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future.

The way you navigate critical issues changes at every phase.

If you keep the end in mind, and you know where you are now, you can always do something that will lead a kid in a better direction.

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