Reactivating Parents at Every Phase

The Church is strategically positioned in culture to remind us family matters.
The Church is strategically positioned in culture to remind us every parent matters.

75% of people in your community won’t attend church this Sunday—and that includes a lot of parents.

Two Perspectives:

  1. It’s their problem.
  2. It’s our mission.

EVERY PARENT wants to be a good parent.
EVERY PARENT can do something more.

We will never change the way families outside the church see us until we change how we see them.

Why am I reactivating them?

If parents don’t reinvent how they parent, they may miss out on having the right kind of relational influence.

Parents start out with positional influence and move toward relational

What am I reactivating them to do?

What’s the most important thing a parent needs to know this year?

PRESCHOOL parents need to embrace their physical needs – to establish trust.
ELEMENTARY parents need to engage their interests – to earn relational credit.
MIDDLE SCHOOL parents need to affirm their interests – to prove a relational commitment.
HIGH SCHOOL parents need to mobilize their potential – leverage relational influence.

How am I going to reactivate them?

Every parent needs an ally so they know they aren’t alone.

  • How can you connect EVERY PARENT to a consistent leader?
  • How can you connect EVERY PARENT to another parent in the same phase?
  • How can you connect EVERY PARENT to a parent one phase ahead?

Every parent needs a plan so they know what to do today.

  • What are some assumptions they don’t need to make this year?
  • What are the most important things to anticipate?
  • What will you do to keep them activated throughout the year?

Every parent needs a party so they know what they do matters.

  • What are parents doing well, and how can you encourage them to keep doing it?
  • What event or gathering will you do every year?

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